School Calendar

Term 2, 2020

Monday 25 May

- Whole School Curriculum Day (Pupil Free Day)


Tuesday 26 May

- Foundation, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students      return to face-to-face learning at school

Monday 8 June

- Queen's birthday (Public Holiday)

Tuesday 9 June

- Grade 3 to Grade 6 students return to face-to-face learning at school

Friday 26 June

- End of Term 2

Monday 13 July

- Term 3 commences

Friday 7 August

- 2021 Enrolment Forms due

Mapping at Mullum

Grade 2 students have been investigating mapping in their maths sessions and communities during Inquiry time.


They made a list of vocabulary that described the location of objects and gave directions to a blindfolded partner using these words.


With a partner they studied maps of Ringwood to find familiar locations in our community.


Using playing cards as a game board, they wrote directional instructions for someone to follow to move one character to its destination.


This activity is part of the digital technologies and is ‘unplugged’ programing ie. It’s done without a computer.

11 March, 2020

Grade 3 students tackle Crosses

A Maths problem kept us thinking for quite a while in Grade 3.  


It was called CROSSES.


We used the numbers 1-9 and arranged them in a cross, that part was easy.


The challenge was to have the numbers in the horizontal arm add to the same amount as the numbers in the vertical arm. 


We found several solutions, but not all of  the solutions.


We went on to examine what occurred in every solution.


Try it and see what you find.


4 March, 2020

Foundation students now well settled

Our Foundation students have started their school year with bright smiles!


They are excited to learn and have made new friends already.


We have started looking at letters and sounds, using our word of the week and the letters in our names. 


We are learning to write our name clearly and count to 10 confidently.

24 February, 2020


Visit our Mullum Primary School Wellbeing site. This site includes helpful resources to support you and your children. It includes information relating to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Mullum Primary School

Foundation 2021

What can Mullum Primary School offer my family? How do I enrol? When can I tour the school?


Join our Foundation teachers and Principal, Marie Beale, in a live chat, to answer these and many more of your questions.  


FINAL SESSION: Thursday 23 July at 4:30pm

Email us at to register and let us know which session you want to attend. We will send instructions on how to join us.


You can also take a video tour of Mullum Primary School. Click here.

16 July, 2020

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