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Fluffy Scones

Grades 3 and 4 were honoured and delighted to cook 10 dozen scones for a retirement celebration for Mrs Carmichael. Everyone was so careful with their folding and kneading, resulting in fluffy, light scones.




In Science, the Level 2 students participated in an experiment which taught them to understand that gravity is a force that pulls objects down to Earth. Student investigated how far a toy car is pushed by a ball when you change the height of the ramp. The students enjoyed experimenting with different ramp inclines and measured the distance using popsticks.  


2 science.jpg

Mural for Mullum

A new mural is planned for Mullum! Mullum was lucky to win a competition held by Smiling Minds and receive funds for this wonderful project! The colour scheme, a collection of colours chosen to help stimulate the senses, will represent our stunning Mount Dandenong Ranges backdrop. The students will contribute to the mural with a collection of 'palm stones' crafted in terracotta clay and marked with impressions, symbolising themselves. The mural will introduce the first chapter in the story behind our school symbol, Bunjil, The Eagle.



Bucket Drumming

This term we have introduced Bucket Drumming!  What a fun way to make some funky rhythms and learn about the basics of drumming.  We are lucky to have the amazing Laura Harris who demonstrated some fantastic skills and rhythms to our students last week. 


bucket drumming class photo.jpg

News and Events


Festival of Hidden Treasures

Saturday 15 October 2-7pm


Call 9870 2120 to organise a tour

Mayoral Visit

The Grade 3 and 4 students were very excited to welcome a special visitor on Wednesday morning: Mayor Mike Symon! Students have been learning all about the roles and responsibilities of the local council, and they had some insightful questions for the mayor when he visited. Mayor Symon was very generous with his time and patient in his responses, we thank him for a wonderful addition to our learning this term. 



House Athletics

Athletics Day was another fabulous day at Mullum Primary School! We participated in many different events including sprints, high jump and shot put… just to name a few. 


The students certainly showed off their understanding of TEAMWORK on the day, with the wonderful support they provided each other and the cooperation that was on display through the team events.


A HUGE thank you to all of our parent helpers and of course the wonderful Mrs Pumpa for organising the entire day. 


Oh and of course… Go Wonga for being our overall winning house ❤️🎈❤️🎈


house aths.jpg


This week we welcomed 5 chickens. They are settling in very nicely and do seem to be getting used to all the children.



Solar Panels

Over the last two weeks ninety-six solar panels have been installed on the roof of the Learning Centre.  This system has been provided by the government through a Greening Schools Grant and will enable us to substantially reduce the school's impact on the environment.  We are working towards becoming a Resource Smart school, as we monitor and measure the use of resources like waste, water and electricity.  With our worm farms, composting systems, paper recycling, reducing waste, nude food lunches, water tanks for the vegetable gardens and now the solar panels, we are well on our way to leaving a smaller environmental footprint.




Throughout Term 3 all classes are working on the Character Strength - Teamwork.  Last Thursday all students worked in their Kooramook (Cross age) groups and participated in a range of team work activities, including cup stacking, hoola hoops, bean bag games, matchstick building.  The cross age activities occur on week 3, 6 and 9 each term and provide a wonderful opportunity for students across grade levels to work together. 



First 100 days

We were so excited last Friday to celebrate our Foundation students 100th day at school. Such a milestone was worthy of dressing up as their one hundred year old self, working with their buddies to count to one hundred in lots of different ways. 


100 days.jpg

Performing Arts

A great start to Term 3 so far with our recent performance by the Grade 5/6 students who presented their Performing Arts Festival, held in the hall on Monday 25th July.  It was a very entertaining afternoon filled with class ensemble pieces played on the xylophones, ukuleles and percussion instruments.  We also listened to some very inspiring solo instrumental pieces from our instrumental students.




The Grade 2’s have been having fun learning how to the play the Ukulele this term.  We have been learning how to produce a good sound and also how to create some funky strumming rhythms as well. 



Diary Dates


8:45am - Fathering Project - Coffee at Leaf and Vine


8:50am - Whole School Assembly

Hungry4Success Lunchbox (orders due to the school office by recess on Thursdays)

Icy poles for sale


Monday 8 August

10:45am - Reading Tour For Foundation 2023

Grade 3/4 Softball Incursion

ICAS Writing - Parent Choice

3:30pm - Festival of Hidden Treasure Meeting

Tuesday 9 August

Grade 1 students - Puffing Billy

ICAS Digital Technologies - Parent Choice

Wednesday 10 August

Grade 2 Students - Puffing Billy

Foundation Students - Fire Fighter For A Day

Monday 15 - Friday 19 August

Science Week

Wednesday 17 August

ICAS English - Parent Choice

Grade 5 Students - Karralyka Theatre to see Norwood Secondary College's performance of Shrek

Monday 22 August

2:40pm - Grade 1&2 'Kids on Parade' - Performing Arts presentation

ICAS Science - Parent Choice

3:30pm - Festival of Hidden Treasures Meeting

Monday 22 - Friday 26 August

Book Week

Tuesday 23 August

Book Swap

ICAS Spelling Bee - Parent Choice

Wednesday 24 August

Write-a-book-in-a-day - Selected Grade 5/6 Students

Friday 26 August

Book Week Parade - Come dressed as your favourite book character. Special Assembly this day

Monday 29 August

ICAS Mathematics - Parent Choice

7:30pm - School Council

Friday 2 September

Father's Day Stall

9:00am-1:00pm - Grade 5/6 Students - Mini Bike It

Whole School - Kaboom Performance

Monday 5 September

3:30pm - Festival of Hidden Treasures Meeting

Tuesday 6 September

District Athletics Sports (qualifying students) 

Bill Sewart Reserve, East Burwood

Thursday 8 September

1:50pm - Teamwork at Mullum - Bring the family to join in the activities in the afternoon

Tuesday 13 September

Students-led Walkthroughs

Friday 16 September

Final Day of Term 3 - 2:30pm finish


Monday 3 October

First day of Term 4

3:30pm - Festival of Hidden Treasures Meeting

Thursday 6 October

Division Athletics (qualifying students)

Bill Sewart Reserve, East Burwood

Monday 10 October

3:30pm - Festival of Hidden Treasures Meeting

Thursday 13 October

Grade 3/4 Students - Nanqak Tamboree Wildlife Sanctuary visit

Saturday 15 October

Festival of Hidden Treasures : 2pm - 7pm

Wednesday 19 Oct - Fri 21 Oct

Grade 3/4 Camp

Thursday 20 October

Easter Regional Athletics (qualifying students)

Tuesday 1 November

Melbourne Cup Day - no students at school

Wednesday 2 November

Grade 5/6 Students - Swim Day at Aquanation

Monday 7 Nov - Friday 11 Nov

Whole School Swimming Program

Tuesday 15 November

2:40pm - Foundation -  'Kids on Parade' Performing Arts presentation

Wednesday 23 November

Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 6 December

Carols Nights


TERM 1 - Monday 31 January - Friday 8 April

TERM 2 - Tuesday 26 April - Friday 24 June

TERM 3 - Monday 11 July - Friday 16 September

TERM 4 - Monday 3 October - Tuesday 20 December


TERM 1 - Monday 30 January - Thursday 6 April

TERM 2 - Tuesday 24 April - Friday 23 June

TERM 3 - Monday 10 July - Friday 15 September

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