The key elements of the English curriculum are Reading and Viewing; Writing and Speaking; and Listening.  Each are taught and assessed at every level of the school.  Providing a consistent approach across the whole school supports students as they move from one grade to the next, building on their skills and knowledge from the previous year.


Reading and Viewing

For students to learn to read, teachers actively engage and surround them with good quality literature, in both written and visual form.  Together we explore together the features of text, the author’s craft and develop our strategies for comprehending increasingly complex texts.   Our teachers plan together to implement the Reader’s Workshop Model in each classroom where good quality literature is used as a tool to teach students to think within the text looking for meaning,  to make connections to themselves and the wider world and to delve deeper into texts to find the hidden meanings.



From the very first days in school, students are actively involved in the process of conceiving, planning, composing, editing and publishing a range of written texts. By using good literature as a starting point, teachers explicitly teach the craft of writing so all students develop a knowledge of strategies for creating quality texts and build their understanding of the conventions of written English.


Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening is all the formal (presentations, debates) and informal (conversations) ways we use oral language.  Over time at school, students develop their understanding and knowledge of the appropriate use of language for different audiences and occasions. Ample opportunities are provided for students to practice their oral language and listening skills throughout their time at Mullum Primary School.

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