At Mullum Primary School we ensure all students have access to high quality and consistent teaching practices in mathematics.


We engage with and instil enthusiasm in the students we teach; and we celebrate our achievements with the wider school community.

Students at Mullum Primary School develop their numeracy skills through a range of engaging learning activities that cater for individual learning needs and interests, and build upon students’ strengths.


We focus on The Big Ideas in Number: Trusting the Count, Place Value, Multiplicative Thinking and Fraction and Decimals. We believe everyone has a maths brain and that having a growth mindset in Maths in the key to success. We learn from our mistakes and love to experiment and problem solve using many different strategies. 


Staff develop highly detailed and differentiated units of mathematics work which are aligned with the Victorian Curriculum.


Assessment is a fundamental component of any successful mathematics program.


Students are pre-tested in key areas of mathematics using an online program called Essential Assessments to determine their level of understanding of each concept.


This information is used by the teacher to plan and explicitly teach what the student needs.