Positive Education

Positive Education at Mullum Primary School brings together the science of positive psychology and best practice teaching and learning to support students, staff, parents and the community to flourish. 


Mullum Primary School has partnered with Maroondah City Council to implement Positive Education to positively impact the wellbeing of young people across Maroondah. 


We have a focus on teaching specific skills that strengthen relationships, which build positive emotions, enhance resilience and promote mindfulness, all contributing to valuable life long skills.


Our 2019 year of Positive Education has started with a focus on kindness.  If kindness starts with me then what am I doing about this?  This is the question the students across the whole school were asked to reflect on and live every day in the classroom and playground. 


Our Kindness Garden is on display with one floral piece from each student to signify the flourishing we experience when we practice kindness. 

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