Principal's Welcome


Our 2021 school year is well underway and we are excited to announce that our building works and garden renovations are nearly complete.  We cannot wait to welcome everyone onsite to see the amazing work that is going on in our classrooms and then to stop and take in the views and vista of our beautiful surroundings. 

Our lived vision for Mullum Primary School is that “Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts.”  Taking the time to know every student and their family is critical to developing a sense of shared responsibility and contentedness.  Ensuring that each moment our students are at school counts towards improving their educational outcomes and experiences. 

Our school values - Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Curious, Be Respectful, are lived and breathed throughout the school, in classrooms, in the playground, when out visiting the community, every single day.  

We provide your child with a wide range of educational opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential and achieve success academically, socially and emotionally. Your child will be challenged to build and extend their skills and knowledge in a caring and supportive environment.

Mullum Primary School staff are enthusiastic, highly professional educators who bring a wealth of knowledge and commitment to developing the academic and personal wellbeing of all students.  For every child, Mullum Primary provides a strong academic focus balanced with an equally strong positive approach to the development of the child’s wellbeing.

Selecting a primary school for your child can be a daunting task.  We encourage you to go no further and to start your journey here at Mullum Primary school, renowned for the wonderful community feel, high quality teaching and learning and a focus on the whole child.  Join me for a tour of our school and see and feel  for yourself  the friendly, vibrant school community at Mullum Primary School. 

I look forward to taking you on tour soon.

Marie Beale