Mullum Primary School

18 Panfield Avenue
PO Box 376                    Ringwood
Victoria  3134

School Captains' Welcome

Hi there! Gilbert and Bianca here. We are the School Captains for Mullum Primary School for 2019, and as students of Mullum PS we would like to tell you a little bit about our school.  At Mullum we strive to have a culture that is inclusive and accepting of the individual learner.


All staff at Mullum Primary help to make this true. They make learning an enjoyable experience for every student and help each learner improve. They are also very supportive and are easy to talk to about any concerns we may have.


Kindness is an important part of Mullum.  Everyone in our school community values all acts of kindness, with a focus on Positive Education throughout Mullum PS. In this Positive Education program, we grow an even larger understanding about its benefits and we learn about treating others with respect and showing gratitude.


Overall, Mullum is a respectful and caring school where each student is challenged in their learning. It is also a place of kindness, and a place of growth.  It’s somewhere you will feel comfortable and safe, but most importantly, a place where you can have fun.