School Captains' Welcome

Hey! Maddie and Lucas here. We are the School Captains for this year.

We would like to start this piece by introducing you to our school. We have new building with awesome facilities and classrooms. We have brand new furniture. We also have a brand new playground which has water sources, boats, sandpits, wooden structures, a bamboo forest and a mound to play games on. Our school has four core values which are Respect, Kindness, Honesty and Curiosity.

The teachers at this school are very kind, respectful and include all kinds of learning opportunities in their teaching. 

Mullum Primary School is a kind and loving community that welcomes all families and is a great place to learn and grow. The school provides exciting opportunities for your child such as inter-school sports for grade 5/6’s (incursion/ excursion).

We have a Buddy Program in which our Grade 6 students get partnered with a Foundation student and the Grade 6’s help them settle into the school in a fun and happy environment, by playing games with them and learning together.

Mullum Primary School is a wonderful school and we hope to see you and your family in the Mullum community soon!


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