School Captains' Welcome

Hey! Sophia and Harry here.  If you didn’t know, we are the School Captains for 2020 at Mullum Primary School.  As students from Mullum we would like to welcome you by telling you a little bit about our school and ourselves.


Here at Mullum Primary School we care a lot about Positive Education and Kindness.  Each term, we expand on some of the twenty-four character strengths, like social intelligence, perseverance, love of learning.  In our classrooms we are learning about different acts of kindness, such as helping the koalas, wildlife and helping out at retirement villages.  We also learn how to be kind to ourselves and listen to the voice in our head that encourages us to be the best version of ourselves.


At Mullum Primary School we find that all staff are kind, caring and supportive.  We have been in many situations that proves that this is true.  Our teachers are very easy to talk to.


In the end Mullum Primary School is a kind and respectful school, where each individual student is encouraged to reach their limits.  It is somewhere you can feel comfortable and safe, but still have lots of fun.  If you are reading this, you might be interested in joining Mullum Primary, and if so, we would love to have your family join the Mullum community.

Mullum Primary School

18 Panfield Avenue
PO Box 376                    Ringwood
Victoria  3134