School Council

Mullum Primary School Council consists of parent/community members and school staff members (Department of Education and Training, “DET” employees) who work together to support the Principal in running key aspects of the school. 


School Councils are established by an Order of the Minister for Education and have certain key functions including:


  • Finance (approving annual budgets, overseeing expenditure and financial record-keeping);

  • Strategic Planning (developing the school’s strategic plan, monitoring and shaping future direction of the school); and

  • Policy Development and Review (developing, reviewing and publishing policies underpinning school values, expectations and requirements consistent with the strategic plan).


School Councillors also have other important roles, including: Ambassadors for the school community and representatives who listen to and represent community views; Reporting annually to the community and the DET; Raising funds for school projects; Entering into contracts with service providers; Facilitating after-school (OSH) care services; Marketing school services and events; and maintaining/improving buildings and grounds. 


We have a number of sub-committees specifically dedicated to a number of these aspects.  Sub-committee membership is open to members of the school community and we encourage your involvement!


If you wish to join School Council, nominations/elections are held in around March each year, with each member serving a 2-year term. 


We meet at least twice per term (minimum 8 times per year) on a Monday night, at the school.  Meetings are generally open to the school community. There is also a ‘public reporting meeting’ at least once per year, for those interested in an annual update.


Being a School Councillor is challenging, important and exciting work.  We encourage you to get involved!


Our 2020 Committee is:

Marie Beale Principal / DET Executive Officer

Parent councillors:

Lisa Beasley President

Michele Brooks Vice-President

Carol Riley Treasurer

Mark Penny Parent's Association Representative

Fouad Lotfi-Jam Buildings and Grounds Coordinator

Marilyn Tsirigotis

DET councillors:

Narelle Sencek

Fiona Pumpa

Jenny Verheijden

Co-opted Member:

Kelli Heriot Secretary


For further information see:

Lisa Beasley

Michele Brooks


Carol Riley Treasurer

Marilyn Tsirigotis

Fouad Lotfi-Jam

Buildings and
Grounds Coordinator

Mark Penny

Parent's Association


Fiona Pumpa

Jenny Verheijden

Narelle Sencek

Marie Beale Principal / DET Executive Officer

Ms Kelli Heriot Secretary

Mullum Primary School

18 Panfield Avenue
PO Box 376                    Ringwood
Victoria  3134