"Children are born scientists. They are curious about everything around them.”
Neil deGrasse Tyson
STEM combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to solve problems. At Mullum, STEM lessons range broadly. Students build bridges and towers to test the strength of different materials and they use digital technologies to create programs and so much more!
Students use robots, such as our BeeBots or mBots, to help solve problems and develop their coding skills, in conjunction with a range of ‘plugged’ (apps and programs) and ‘unplugged’ (games and hands on tasks) resources. Computational thinking and inquiry are a big part of what scientists do, so at Mullum we ensure our students are given the opportunity to hypothesise, experiment and analyse.
For us at Mullum, a huge part of STEM will be the focus on Science understanding and Inquiry skills. Each term the students conduct investigations into different scientific disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Physics as well as Earth and Space science. They work within the scientific method when conducting experiments or solving problems.