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At Mullum Primary School, our priority in Foundation is to support your child’s transition and set them up for success through developing strong fundamentals in their knowledge and skills as lifelong learners.

We have an exciting year ahead for our Foundation students including incursions and excursions aligning with what we are learning in the classroom, 100 days of School Celebration, School Production and Twilight Sports.


In Foundation, we focus on practices to help our students understand concepts of print and build phonics and vocabulary knowledge through the systematic and explicit teaching of the Alphabetic Code. Phonics is a method of teaching children how spoken words are composed of sounds called ‘phonemes’ and how the letters in words correspond to those phonemes.

In Foundation, students manipulate concrete materials and draw pictures to develop links between their immediate environment, everyday language, and mathematical activity. Our focus in Numeracy is Trusting the count which underpins our exploration of all mathematics concepts. Trusting the Count is the foundation of all other work with numbers. Our Foundation students develop a deep understanding of the numbers 0 to 10 by the end of their first year in school. This includes knowing:

  • What numbers represent

  • How numbers can be reconfigured

  • How numbers are viewed in relation to other numbers

Buddies Program

Our Buddies Program is a highlight for both our Foundation students and Grade Six students. It’s a great way to provide the students with diverse opportunities for shared experiences and learning, as well as a friendly face around school!


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Literacy and Numeracy form a strong focus for our students as these are the basis on which deeper understanding is built. These core concepts are consolidated throughout all areas of the Curriculum.

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