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News & Events

Shop for Your Schools

Thanks must go to the Parents and school community for getting behind SHOP FOR YOUR SCHOOLS.

Today, Jodie from Eastland came and presented a cheque for $10,000.

The school hall erupted with cheers over such great news!



Bruschetta Two Ways

In the kitchen we have worked together to create Bruschetta Two Ways. We used tomatoes, sage and basil leaves from the school garden. We zested lemon by grating the skin instead of using the lemon juice. We loved it!


By Millie and Lucas 3/4Y



Kids on Parade

What a wonderful performance from our Grade 1 & 2 students on Tuesday afternoon.  A huge, appreciative audience of parents, grandparents, siblings and students enjoyed instrumental and vocal entertainment.  Bucket drumming, ukelele playing, singing and even a little dance routine, ensured everyone had a great time. 



56 Gala Day

Summer interschool sport gala day was hosted at five different locations with 10 different schools.  Sports were sof-crosse, basketball, volleybounce, Kanga 8’s cricket and Hot Shots tennis.


56 gala.png

Ultimate Frisbee

Fun in PE with the Ultimate Frisbee coach.

This week classes began the unit of work ‘Ultimate Frisbee’.  Students in Grades 2 to 6 will be involved in two Ultimate Frisbee incursions between now and the end of term. 



District Swimming

Congratulations Adrian for your achievements at the 2024 District Swimming Carnival!

Adrian competed in 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke.

He went on to represent Mullum at the Maroondah Division carnival with fellow student  Zoe, in the individual 50m backstroke event.




We have many weekly jobs in the garden and compost duty is a big one. Students collect the compost bins from around the school, chop and sort food to feed our worms and chooks. This week, another group planted some seeds and started to build a chook guard so the chooks don’t get to them.


compost 1.jpg

Making Clay

This week in Bush Talk we used our home- made sieves to separate rocks from soil. The first step to making our own clay. It was messy and lots of fun!


making clay 2.jpg


Grade 5/6 students investigated some questions about their biometrics: Is your height the same as your arm span? Can you perform a standing broad jump approximately the same distance as your height? What a great way to integrate health and mathematics!



Kinder Teachers Visit

We invited our Foundation student's Kindergarten teachers to school for a visit.  It was a glorious day and our Foundation students toured the school with their special visitors


kinder 1.jpg


In the Art Room there were plenty of ooh's and ahhhh's whilst stamping, dotting, playing with paint, mixing colours and experimenting with mark making on canvas, card and paper.



Making Wreaths

This week in Bush talk we started to make our own sieves to sift the rocks out of soil to make clay in a few weeks. We made a wreath out of ivy vines and sewed netting onto the wreath with flax we harvested last week. It was satisfying making our own tools for a job! 




Our grade 3/4s enjoy the new role of being a journalist in the kitchen/garden program and I'm sure they will be excited to see their articles and photos published. 


sakg 23022024.jpg

Bush Talk

This week in Bush Talk we learnt about knife safety, harvested and split flax and practiced developing our voice and setting boundaries.


Bush Talk 23022024.jpg

Pointillism Painting

Like a Georges Seurat pointillism painting, our teachers and Education Support created an image of a Mullum Primary School student.  Each dot of paint represents all the interactions we have every day, contributing to the overall development of students in our care.  Our students then gave their teachers direct advice on how to help them with their learning.   I am sure you will agree that collectively this has created quite an impressive display!


Pointillism Painting.jpg


“Today grade 3/4 M did the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (SKAG).


Last week we cooked. This week we enjoyed eating Indian Flat Bread, Cucumber Raita and Garden Salad. We thought that the food was super, luper, grouper great. Our favourite was the Indian Flat Bread. We also liked the salad. We think we could add chicken, sugar and soy sauce to improve the cucumber salad.


Thanks from Carter and Alanis”




Our Foundation students had their first session with their Grade 5 and 6 buddies and it was a lot of fun! Grade 5 and 6 took their buddies on a Scavenger Hunt to show them around the school and get to know them better. We're looking forward to our next session together!



Tree Ceremony

Our Foundation students attended their first assembly this morning.  Our School Captains presented Myles and Allegra with a beautiful tree to plant, one for the Foundation students to look after over their years at school.


Tree ceremony.jpg

The Art Room

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Art Room, getting to know where materials live, learning about our routines, deciding on our learning expectations and organising our Visual Diaries. It’s been a fun adventure so far, beginning with painting and drawing and making Art for a whole hour!




We are so excited to let you know that the playground will be finished tomorrow!  That means from next week students will be able to play on it.  Two hundred plants are on their way and a big planting session will be held with some classes next week. 



Teddy Bears' Picnic

Grade 1 students enjoyed a teddy bears’ picnic and old-fashioned games, as a part of the introduction to our Talk for Writing recount text ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’. This helps to build enthusiasm for upcoming learning, when the children are explicitly taught the skills required to structure their recount writing and enhance their sentences. 


teddy bear.jpg

Welcome back

Welcome back everyone to 2024!  We have had a very smooth start to the year with all Grade 1-6 students starting back yesterday and our Foundation students commencing tomorrow.  It has been great to hear the buzz of excited children in their classrooms and playground. 


welcome back.jpg
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