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In Grade 1 at Mullum Primary School, we prioritise a strong academic foundation. Every student receives targeted, evidence-based instruction to ensure they have the knowledge and skills required on their learning journey. Student wellbeing has a pivotal place, as students learn about character strengths and are supported to develop positive relationships.

It is sure to be an exciting and enjoyable year for our Grade 1 students. They will be involved in special events like the ‘Kids on Parade’ musical celebration, Italian Day and a teddy bears’ picnic. The students attend excursions linked to our learning and have opportunities to make and create, and explore our many lunch time clubs.


In Grade 1, we have a comprehensive Literacy program that covers the five essential components of reading, each and every day. Students are explicitly taught to use phonics for reading and spelling, and they extend their knowledge of the Alphabetic Code. We aim to broaden our student’s vocabulary and comprehension skills, through the use of rich literature and targeted teaching. Our students practise to improve their fluency as readers. We aim to create and nurture young storytellers and writers, through the use of Talk for Writing, a highly engaging and immersive approach that our students love!


At Mullum Primary School, we understand the importance of developing strong foundational numeracy skills and flexible thinking in Mathematics. Our Grade 1 learners focus on two big ideas: ‘Trust the Count’ and ‘Place Value’. They develop a deep understanding of the numbers 0-100. Students are encouraged to explain their mathematical thinking, be curious and apply their learning. Our aim is to ensure that all of our students feel confident and capable with mathematics.


In Grade 1, our Inquiry learning threads through the curriculum, for deep and meaningful learning. This year, our students will be learning about:

  • Staying healthy in our local community

  • Then and Now – comparing life in the past to how we live today

  • Transportation

  • The lifecycles of living things

Grade 1

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