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School Captains' Welcome



We are Sophie and Josh, the 2024 School Captains.


We find Mullum Primary School to be a joyous, happy and safe place for students to learn and thrive in. There are a range of areas for students to play in, including the new extension of the playground which was installed earlier this year, as well as the new downball courts that have been recently painted. We also have the oval, basketball court and netball court.


Our school has multiple specialists such as Visual Arts, Physical Education (PE), Italian and Performing Arts. We also have musical instrument lessons including percussion, keyboard and guitar.


Our Foundations and Grade 5 and 6 students participate in a variety of activities in what we call our Buddy Program, where the older students help the younger students understand things like building confidence around other people in a fun way like playing games!


Foundation students start to learn all the basic things, like counting, learning sounds and learning to communicate. Our Grade 1 and 2 students go a little bit further into spelling and how to say words with ch, sh or igh, they also learn how to communicate with each other better. The Grade 3s and 4s learn once a week about measurement, science, digital technology and also learn how to cook and work in the garden in The Stephanie Alexandra Kitchen Garden Program. The Grade 5 and 6 students play interschool sport for the first two terms of the year and then play a variety of different sports for the rest of the year. The 3/4s and the 5/6s are heading off to camp this year to Mt Evelyn and Bacchus Marsh respectively.


We would also like to say thank you to all the staff, principal, assistant principal and all the specialist staff; they are making a difference with the enjoyment of learning for all students.


In conclusion, you’ll find that Mullum Primary school is a safe and caring learning environment for your child to thrive in - and we hope that it will set them up for a great life. Thank you for reading this short summary of our school and we hope to see you and your family here soon.


Sophie and Josh, 2024 School Captains

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