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School Captains' Welcome



We are Jai and Mavis, the 2023 School Captains.


We find that Mullum Primary is a joyous, happy and safe community for students to learn and thrive in.  All the students here at Mullum enjoy the play space.


Our school has multiple specialists such as Visual Arts, Physical Education (PE), Italian and Performing Arts. Also our students have been offered to participate in our new music program this year, involving a variety of instruments like percussion, keyboard, violin and flute.


Foundation students participate in a Buddies Program with a Grade 6 student.  This helps the younger students to build their confidence around others. 


Also, Foundation students are starting to learn their letters and sounds, they learning how to communicate and play with others. Grade 1 & 2 students are learning to spell and sound out words. Grade 3 & 4 students are contributing to our Stephanie Alexandra kitchen Garden program, and our Grade 5 & 6 students are playing Interschool Sports.


We also like to thank all the staff at Mullum Primary School. They're making a difference at our school for everyone.


In conclusion, you will find Mullum Primary School a welcoming and safe environment for your child to learn and achieve their goals in life. We thank you for taking the time to read this summary of our school and we hope to see your family here soon.


Jai & Mavis 2023

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