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Performing Arts

The Music & Performing Arts program provides an engaging, creative and encouraging environment for all students to learn, perform and love the Performing Arts.


Their musical journey begins early with weekly music lessons in Foundation, Grades 1 and 2, where they discover the fundamentals of music in melody and rhythm through singing, movement and percussion playing.


Dance and Drama are also included during lessons, allowing students to share and explore creative ideas.


In Grade 3 and 4, students continue to learn and consolidate their knowledge of notation and rhythmic understanding. They are introduced to basic chord structures and progressions through learning and performing on the Ukulele.

Students in Grade 5 and 6, continue to focus on their musicianship skills by developing their note and rhythmic reading skills.


Students compose short melodies on a variety of music technology and instruments, exploring voice and movement through role play, story-telling and learning about meaning and interpretation, forms and elements including voice, movement, situation, time and place, and improvisation. 


Every second year, every student has the amazing opportunity to participate in the Whole School Musical Production. Students in Grades 5 and 6 audition for lead roles, and each class prepares items to present. Our productions are held at the wonderful Karralyka Theatre in Ringwood. Some of our previous Musical Productions have included Superstan, Porridge & Pirates of the Curry Bean.



At the end of each year the whole community joins together to celebrate the Festive Season.  Held on our school oval, families are invited to bring a picnic dinner and chairs as they enjoy Christmas items from all our classes.  Our staff/parent band accompany the community carols section.



Alternating with our whole school musical production, students in Prep – Grade 2 present our ‘Kids on Parade’ concert. Each class prepares a few items to present to the school community in an afternoon of high quality entertainment that also highlights individual students who take part in private instrumental lessons.



Students in Grade 3 and 4 present their talents in the ‘Music Festival’ working together in their music lessons to present a whole class performance using xylophones, percussion instruments, ukuleles and dance.



In Grade 5 and 6, students prepare a variety of acts to present their “Shindig” concert. From musical items, band pieces, drama sketches and improvisation, the Grade 5 and 6 students explore a variety of ways to express creative ideas by composing music, writing scripts and choreographing dance routines.

Mark Nunis



The choir rehearse weekly, learning a varied repertoire and a variety of singing techniques that prepare them for the various opportunities to perform at school and also for the community. They have previously performed for local nursing homes, Box Hill OXFAM Music Concert, Eastland Shopping Centre, School Fair and Assemblies.



The band program involves weekly rehearsals, learning about ensemble playing, intonation, listening and working as a team. The band is made up of students who learn a musical instrument either privately or as part of the instrumental programs we offer at Mullum. The students learn a variety of styles and a varied repertoire, encouraging each other as they develop their musicianship and ensemble playing skills.


Another user pay program is our instrumental lessons.  We offer lessons in Keyboard/Piano, Guitar and Bass Guitar, Drums & Percussion and will be offering orchestral instruments such as Strings, Brass and Woodwind.  Our wonder wonderful instrumental teachers are:


Piano/Keyboard – Ms Diane Mathews

Drums  – Mr Zach Smith

Guitar and Bass Guitar – Mr Tom Glover

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